Lake Garda – An Inspirational Educational Travel Destination For Creative Arts Students

Educational travel can be a great way to engage your students with performing arts.And with its rich background in the arts, there may be few better places in the world for those studying dance, music, drama and the fine arts than the Lake Garda region of Italy.From magnificent opera venues to stunning scenery that has inspired painters for centuries, the area – which is located in the north of the country – is sure to inspire your students.With so many things to see and do, you are bound to find that whatever their interests or the subjects they have chosen, a visit here will not only help students to learn but will see them have lots of fun at the same time.A performing arts tour may also take in the city of Verona. With its open-air arena hosting an annual opera festival, a visit here gives you the chance to see some of the industry’s leading names perform. Italy is widely considered to be the home of opera after all, so a trip to Lake Garda should be on the must-visit list of anyone interested in the art form.The city is also the setting of Romeo and Juliet – perhaps Shakespeare’s most famous play – so a trip here may give you an insight into what inspired the iconic love story.Of course, the stunning natural scenery of Lake Garda – which is the largest lake in all of Italy – may also provide an inspiration to any budding painters visiting while on a performing arts tour of the region.Budding directors may wish to stop by Movieland, where you can find out more about the process of film-making.You may also want to consider visiting Venice. While the city is well-known for its network of canals, its dazzling blend of culture means it is a destination that creative arts students should not miss. Famous composers including Wagner, Vivaldi and Stravinsky have all composed and performed in the city, while you can also visit a number of arts venues and museums, including the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana – or the National Library of St Mark’s as it is known in English.With so much on offer for performing arts students, Lake Garda could be the ideal educational travel destination. You may find yourself booking school trips to the region for several years to come.

The Best Czech Travel Destinations

When considering travel to the Czech Republic, travelers will need to be sure that their passport and any documents or visas are in order. Everyone will be required to have a valid passport in their possession (or an identity card for a citizen if the EU) in order to enter the Czech Republic. However, citizens of either EU or EEA countries are not required to have a visa for their visit. Any citizen of Australia, Israel, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand or the United States of America can visit the Czech Republic and stay up to 90 days without needing a visa. Citizens of any other countries will need to obtain a visa in order to enter the country.Be sure advanced preparations include acquiring any necessary visa as they are not available from any of the border crossings or at Ruzyne, the airport in Prague. If you are required to have a visa and you do not have one, you will be denied entry if you arrive without one. Because visa regulations are subject to change on occasion, it is a good idea to check online or with one of the websites for a Czech embassy or consulate close to you. The Czech Republic is part of the area known as Schengen, which means that once a traveler enters any of the countries in this zone, which covers almost all of Europe, they will not have to show their passport at each individual country’s border. A traveler is still required to have a valid passport and occasional spot checks can occur.The Ruzyne airport is approximately 12 miles northwest of Prague’s city center and there are many direct flights from almost every major European city. If traveling by train, Hlavní Nádraí is the largest and busiest train station in Prague. There are other rail stations throughout the city of Prague, including Holesovice Station, Smíchov Station and Masarykovo nádraí.Prague is a beautiful city for even the most experienced traveler to experience. It is the capital of the Czech and was originally comprised of five separate towns and divided by the Vltava River, sometimes known by its German name of Moldau. The Prague Castle is by far the most popular sightseeing destination in the city. It is the world’s largest ancient castle and was built by Prince Prince Boivoj during the 9th century. The castle contains a mixture of different styles as rulers added their own additions; it has also had four large reconstructions. The castle contains three courtyards and continues to be the seat of Czech rulers and an official residence.When planning any travel – the city of Prague should be at the top of your must see cities during your Czech travel itinerary.

3 Must-See Tokyo Travel Destinations

Tokyo is a massive city, and it would literally take a lifetime to experience everything this exciting place has to offer. Here is a list of 3 must-see Tokyo travel destinations to get your Japan travel experience off on the right foot.1. HarajukuHarajuku Tokyo is known worldwide as the center of Japanese street fashion. On Sunday mornings, Japanese youth gather to show off Gothic Lolita, cosplay, rockabilly, visual-kei, and other creative fashions. Many of the world’s top fashion designers make regular pilgrimages to Harajuku in search of new fashion inspiration. In Harajuku, check out Takeshita Doori , a cool strip located just across the street from Harajuku Station filled with fashionable clothing boutiques, food stands, and ample people watching opportunities. Also right outside the station entrance is the venerable Meiji Shrine, which provides the perfect escape back to traditional and tranquil Japan if you need a breather from all the over-the-top trendiness of Harajuku.2. ShibuyaShibuya is Japan’s center of hip, trendy youth fashion, and is an exciting spot for dining, shopping, entertainment, sightseeing, and people watching for both tourists and Tokyoites alike. Shibuya is famous for world-renown attractions like Hachiko Crossing, the world’s business intersection (located just outside Shibuya Station) and Shibuya 109, Tokyo’s trendiest department store. Prepare yourself for a wave of human traffic like you’ve never experienced!3. Tsukiji Fish Market Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the world’s largest and most vibrant wholesale fish market, where each day, many tons of maguro tuna and other fish and seafood are bought, sold, and auctioned. This Tokyo fish market is also home to some of the freshest, highest-quality sushi to be found anywhere on this planet! Get there at the crack of dawn to watch the tuna auctions and then head for a nearby sushi shop for a breakfast of impeccably prepared ultra-fresh sushi!Visiting these fantastic Tokyo travel destinations will guarantee that your stay in Japan will be an unforgettable one!